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Canadian Night Crawlers

Our Canadian crawlers are healthy, big, and ready to use for all types of anglers. Facts
  • Sourced from Canada
  • All-purpose bait
  • Large, typically 5”-7” long
  • Suggested storage 36-40 degrees


All-purpose bait. These dillies are perfect for catching trout but will help anglers catch most any other type of fish too. Facts - Baby nightcrawlers - All-purpose bait, extremely versatile - Typically 3”-5” long - Suggested storage 36-40 degrees

Giant Meal Worms

  • Golden yellow, small beetle larvae
  • Good for catching trout and panfish
  • Also used as pet food for birds, lizards, snakes, and other reptiles
  • Suggested storage 36-40 degrees

Green Crawlers

  • Nightcrawlers specially treated to display various shades of green
  • Green colors attract hungry fish, especially bass and walleye
  • Color is not permanent and may fade over time
  • Suggested storage 36-40 degrees F


  • Also known as “rat-tailed maggots”
  • Off-white to tan
  • Favorite for ice fishing, also good for catching panfish
  • Suggested storage 40-45 degrees F


  • Also known as “maggots”
  • Good for catching perch, bluegill, sunfish, crappie, etc., also used for ice fishing
  • Suggested storage 34-38 degrees F

Trout Worms

  • Also known as “red worms,” “red wigglers,” “Belgiums,” and “Euro worms”
  • 1 ½-3” long
  • Good for catching trout and panfish
  • Also used as pet food for snakes, lizards, other reptiles, fish, etc.
  • Suggested storage 38-40 degrees F