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Wholesale Bait Distributor since 1970

Morgan’s Bait has been a wholesale bait distributor since 1970. In 2016 we've added a brand new retail online shopping experience that offers fresh and high-quality bait directly from our warehouse in Camden, NY to your front door step.
We guarantee high quality live bait to our customers and distributors all around the United States. This site is a retail site as we do not believe in having the consumer see the Wholesale prices or have the ability to buy their bait at Wholesale prices. If you are a dealer and want our Wholesale price sheet please contact us below.

Are you interested in becoming a wholesaler? Want to learn more information about our wholesale partnership pricing?

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Morgan’s Bait guaranteed live delivery of all bait on all live bait products shipped from our warehouse. If you do have an issue with your product upon arrival please make a claim to our support team.